3-Quran addresses the rational mind

Why is it so that so many Muslims are afraid to speak publicly and criticize Islam and its traditions? Because the Sharia laws of blasphemy and apostasy can actually get you killed. These laws were canonized into Islam centuries ago to censure and stifle free speech and free thinking in the Muslim world. Secularism.org reports: … Continue reading 3-Quran addresses the rational mind

2-Horizontal reading of Quran

Once your head is cleared of all preconceived notions, the next step is a horizontal reading of the Quran. A horizontal reading, or a comparative reading, is a method of textual analysis used by Biblical scholars to compare multiple accounts of a similar event, side by side, cross-referencing for contradictions. /Horizontal_reading. In other words, reading … Continue reading 2-Horizontal reading of Quran