15- Life and Death of the Intellect in the Quran


The concept of life and death in the Quran centers around the intellect. It hinges on the ability to think and reason. The resurrection in the Quran is one of an intellectual revival not a physical one. Allah, per Quran, is the Rabb of all knowledge and directs us through our rational mind. As always … Continue reading 15- Life and Death of the Intellect in the Quran

5-The significance of root words

Languages are constantly evolving, new words are introduced into the vocabulary by way of colloquialism and slang every generation. Here are some examples of evolution in the English language: https://ideas.ted.com Nice: This word used to mean “silly, foolish, simple.” Far from the compliment it is today. Naughty: Long ago, if you were naughty, you had … Continue reading 5-The significance of root words

3-Quran addresses the rational mind

Why is it so that so many Muslims are afraid to speak publicly and criticize Islam and its traditions? Because the Sharia laws of blasphemy and apostasy can actually get you killed. These laws were canonized into Islam centuries ago to censure and stifle free speech and free thinking in the Muslim world. Secularism.org reports: … Continue reading 3-Quran addresses the rational mind